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Creating a cosmetic line wasn't part of my initial plans; however, as I looked for products that supported my mission of female empower-ment and affordable luxury, I quickly realized that my options were narrowing.  

In a stumble with fate, I found a manufacturer who held the same values I do.  Given that they are located in Canada, over 600 harmful chemicals and ingredients are banned from personal care products. By comparison, the United States has only taken action on 30.  This means that not only are our cosmetics safe, but unlike companies that produce in developing countries, we adhere to good manufacturing practices that protect workers' rights, prohibit animal testing and reduce their environmental impact. 

Before entering production, I went to visit the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality of standards were in place from start to finish.  For example, we're able to offer a hypoallergenic makeup option free of talc, artificial color additives such as D+C reds, fragrances or synthetic oils.  Since our makeup is created using a triple mill process, which exceeds industry standards of a double mill process,  our product has better blendability and pigmentation.  Thus, a little product goes a long way! 

Now that the cosmetic line is a reality, my focus is on building a brand that is inclusive of all women.  I invite you to learn more about the products through our website, and encourage you to visit our social media pages to see how makeup can empower a woman to overcome adversity, and use it as an opportunity for her to express herself in the universal language of art.

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