Black Tie Makeup Studios is more than just makeup application, it's a space designed for female empowerment.  From the wallpaper to the decor, every inch of our space is dedicated to inspiring womxn.  But don't just take our word for it! Here are a few more ways we uplift womxn.



The new change in spelling of the word ‘womxn’ is done in an effort to emphasize the idea that womxn are their own separate people, capable of operating on their own and without a man to aid them. The new spelling is also seen as intersectional, as it is meant to include transgender womxn, womxn of color, womxn from developing countries, and every other self identifying womxn out there (Natalia Emmanuel, Washington Contributor).

We want our clients to put their best foot forward by feeling confident and radiant in their own skin.  Thats why at Black Tie, we do our best to represent all types of womxn in our brand.  All of our signature looks are demonstrated on different skin tones and facial features, so that clients are better prepared to make a choice.  In addition, we actively feature womxn on our social media feeds who use makeup as a tool to overcome adversity and show that beauty has no boundaries.


All of our products are paraben free,fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, and not tested on animals.  Since our product line is manufactured in Canada, nearly 500 chemical ingredients are banned or restricted for use in our cosmetic products. By comparison, the United States is less than 30.  This is important because even in tiny amounts, many of the chemicals commonly found in our cosmetics can have a tremendous health and hormonal impact (Dr. Trevor Cates, Daily Mail).  As we claim to empower womxn, we prioritize their safety as well.


Outside of Black Tie, the life of a stylist typically involves renting a chair and being in business for themselves. This can be a very difficult road economically (and emotionally), as stylists are artists. In addition to purchasing supplies and waiting for customers, cosmetologists are not earning enough on their own.  They want to create art, not generate business models. That’s why our opportunity is a great place for many to practice their craft. All employees always guaranteed a steady income above industry median wage and 100% of tips, with incentives such as flexible schedules, paid educational opportunities and quarterly bonuses.


Our efforts to help womxn in need of support and encouragement do not stop at our doors.  Every month, we pledge to volunteer our time to local non-profits organizations that empower womxn to be self-sufficient.  By educating womxn on make-up application appropriate for the workplace, we hope to give them the confidence to nail their next job interview.



Studio in Kent

Mobile Service between  Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma 


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